Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage
Why it matters? Let’s say I was “involved” with another male, and let’s say he didn’t have my last name, or a piece of paper that said he was my “mate.” In Austin, normally, not a problem; however, let’s say I was in an accident in a small town in Texas, for the sake of argument, a drunk local runs me over. I’m in a small hospital ward in ICU, hanging on by the barest thread, and my long-time companion shows up to offer succor. Under current Texas law, my next of kin and family could be admitted, but that companion would be kept outside.

“But I’m his husband!”


So we’re making progress in conservative Texas.

Why the news is funny?

The ruling was by a Federal Judge in San Antonio, but the wire reported it as coming from Houston. 150 miles east of San Antonio. Not much good with the math or the facts, which, makes the rest of the news machine suspect.

Or funny, right? Another wire image was clearly the Federal courthouse in San Antonio, but claimed the couple was in Austin, 89 miles north. Again, no wonder we have problems with trusting media — clearly the facts, as presented yesterday afternoon, were wrong.

“My fellow conservatives, we must untie!”