The Hits Keep Coming

How to Write a Hit
The secret to writing best-sellers. Less style, more dumb?

“Ours was a reasonably comfortable ship, with the customary sea-going fare—plenty of good food furnished by the Deity and cooked by the devil.”

Excerpt From: Twain, Mark. “Following the Equator.”

Each week, offers up a half-dozen tips to help deal with current planetary arrangements.

Got to thinking about it while I was buying water at the airport. Flight delayed, get a bottle of water, right next to the check-out, a recent magazine with blazing headlines, “26 Ways to Give him Fantasy SEX.”

Every month, at the grocery store, at the Super HEB, at the wall-marts, there it is, usually upper left corner, a number of (something) that makes for (something better) sex.

So, every week, the tips on handling twelve signs.

Number? Hard to quantify, but at least six good tips for handling 12 signs.

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El Paso Temp