White Paper 2014

White Paper 2014
Not long ago, one of my buddies “published” a white paper on social media. I grabbed the report, no opt-in required, and I scanned the pages. Ran ten, maybe a dozen pages with less than a paragraph on each page, certainly less than a thousand words, in total.

Nothing new in the information, although, it was dedicated to a segmented market, a vertical niche, and as such, it was the same material with generic phrases replaced by niche-specific buzz words.

Social media, new media, more modern marketing techniques, nothing new or earth-shaking, but the package was interesting in itself. Nice layout if somewhat generic. Color and patterns made no sense to me, but then, I’m not a highly sought after marketing consultant — I’m an astrologer. What was curious, the package showed up online in various locations, mostly “social media,” at least three or four times for several days.

I grabbed the first exposure, old buddy, respect some of his work. To see it launched time and again, not unlike what I do on FaceBook or Twitter, and served to validate my choices in those arenas. Then, too, it gave me an idea:

White Paper 2014: The year ahead, what’s not covered in the up and coming horoscope.

The White Paper is available here (free download).

Unbiased Reviews?
Never claimed to be unbiased. That’s part of what my career and main canon of work revolves around, my lack of bias.

What I tend to do is not bother to review material I don’t like; therefore, not many negative reviews around here.

Tridents found in the UK, but matching other finds.

Agricultural? Defensive? Not mentioned?

Ceremonial. Bet that’s it.


“The iPhone can be any of those things and more, so why do we look at someone face down in their phone differently than someone immersed in a book?”