Jupiter in 2014

Jupiter in 2014
Through the eyes of the Gas Giant, what does the new year look like?

Jupiter is almost at the halfway point, between the beginning and the end of Cancer, 16 degrees, retrograde and moving slowly backwards in his annual 4-month back-step dance-pattern in a particular sign.

Jupiter entered the Tropical Zodiac sign of Cancer last June and made a hasty advance through the first 20 degrees of The Crab, halting and changing direction. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and as such, part of the cardinal play that is afoot with much merriments and some darkly comic humors. Mars in Libra, see the White Paper 2014 for more on that, “squares” (tension angle) that Cancer-sign Jupiter.

Watery Cancer and Jupiter do get along together well, but Jupiter is retrograde until at least Mar 5, 2014. At that point, let’s review, Jupiter opposed Pluto, which squared Uranus, which squared Retrograde Venus, which opposed Jupiter, which squared Mars. Follow all of that? No? I didn’t either. (I did but I used a chart program to help me with visuals.)

Consider in this scenario, Jupiter is like a blunt stick. The sky, the planets, in this array, this are poking us with that blunt stick, prodding for some kind of reaction. A more thoughtful approach is less reaction, and more mindful action.

Stop and consider choices before leaping into action. There’s a strong reaction that this kind of planet arrangement can cause, and a studied, considered choice is better.

Look before you leap.(1)

The cardinal signs, especially, in the first six months of 2014, they all have a tension from Jupiter, conjunct, squared, oppose. Make use of this energy, as there’s a sense of very valid urgency about the material, but look before leaping.

The turning point, for Jupiter in the next year, comes around July 15, when the gas giant gallops into the very best fixed-fire sign: Leo. From mid-July until Dec. 7, 2014, Jupiter is aggressively forward in Leo, covering the first 22 degrees before slowing down and gradually retrograding.

Love me my Leo friends, but the sign is not known for begin quiet, shy, retiring, or timid. While Jupiter is in Leo? Significantly, the last week of July, and from then, forward? Time to plant seeds, lay foundations, and make future plans for Leo total world domination. At least, let you be the regal heir-apparent to your fiefdom, if not kingdom.

For the rest of the “Lessor eleven signs?” We too, should be aware that Leo is the best of the best, and our best interests are served by putting Leo first.

However, if we’re not acting out of the Leo portion of our collective charts? Recall, too, that Leo is fixed, and we should be careful about letting the non-Leo portion of our charts make decisions based on emotion, or fleeting appeal.

“It was a good idea at the time,” is not a valid defense. Works in rural portions of the country, but still, not many judges will buy it.

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Delay leads impotent and snail-paced beggary:
Then fiery expedition be my wing,
Jove’s Mercury, and herald for a king.
Go, muster men: my counsel is my shield;
We must be brief when traitors brave the field.

    Richard III, in Shakespeare’s Tragedy of King Richard the Third [IV.ii.86-91]

(1) Might strong talk from a Sagittarius, for crying out loud. Who looks before leaping?