How far?

How far?
Just, how far have we come? Begs an alternate question of reading poetry from an iPad, but I can’t be a snob about that — the last time I made a circuitous route through “The Waste Land,” it was on a copy I carry on my iPad for just such exigencies.

With the new book out, see Drawer for Wishes, an old buddy from the college days tapped me, asked if I’d ever written a promised-but-never-delivered book called, “More Duck Tape.” I always figured that Two-Meat Tuesday represented that effort, in one shade or another. Similar, but not quite all of the story.

In my distant past, I worked as a roadie, for the aforementioned buddy, which prompted the duck tape comments. Prior to that, in my “motorcycle” period, I used to read a magazine that had a column called “The Duck Tapes,” or something similar. The title referred to the ubiquitous silver tape that held together motorcycles, then race bikes, then racers, and finally, on the road, that same duct tape saw a myriad of uses pinning mikes on speakers, securing wires, opening and closing boxes.

We all threatened to tell the stories, and in part, reflecting back, that’s an experience that made me who I am now.

I no longer carry duct tape, but some of the promoters for whom I work, they do.