Drawer For Wishes

Drawer For Wishes
The sales figures are in the can and for one, brief, shining moment, I held a number one spot on Amazon’s sales chart.

Drawer For Wishes is a piece of work that I’ll spend more timing writing about compared with the number words in the manuscript itself.

Magazine prices vary, but the last New Yorker I looked at, excellent article about chili peppers, the cover price was a whopping $6.99.

There’s one story in that collection that owns the dubious honor of once being rejected by the New Yorker.

It’s intended as a literary “phlook,” which is a spin on the word, “blook,” which is a combination of “blog” and “book,” and while we’re at it, the term “blog” is a shortened version of “weblog.”

“Phlook,” is a phone, “blook.”

I’m proud, one of the better stories, received critical acclaim from a real writer, one of the stories was essentially written on a phone. iPhone, but phone fiction, for real. Could say I “phoned that one in.”

Or not.

At $0.99 — 99 cents — I’m comfortable with my price point and content. I just pulled it together as an iBook “extended play remix” with more multimedia embedded in it. Sounds. Links. Video.

As noted elsewhere, that version will be available March 1, 2014.

Just in time for Mars in Retrograde.