NaNo Gig

NaNo Gig:
The first time, it was amusing to watch, but I didn’t participate. Then along came the sequels, and I still don’t play. Not my thing. It’s National “write a novel in a month,” month.

I recall the time, it was a small webpage on a shared host, not a big deal. That’s changed as a frightening number of combatants joined the fray.

Reminds me of several, “Post every day for a month,” or the “Holiday dailies.” I joined one site only to drop my participation shortly thereafter, as I do post. Every day. Some days are better than others. That’s life. Wrestling words to a page can give meaning.

In a similar vein, I got amused by the “post a picture every day” sites.

Bexar County Line — one new image, every day.

The artistic muscle must be exercised every day. Even when Mercury is retrograde. Or not. That’s how this gets done.

Here: best of, or worst of best, coming soon… Drawer For Wishes.

That’s an exercise where I collected what I’d been writing every day. Prompts to write every day? Or a prompt to exercise that artitic muscle, every day?

How can one not?