Not long ago, I got query message, e-mail, requesting information about my affiliate programs.

I don’t have one.

I don’t have a loyalty program, either.

I don’t have affiliates, loyalty points, frequent flyer discounts, or anything of that nature.

I do offer weird, off-beat, frequently amazingly accurate, occasionally infuriating horoscopes that are custom written to offer advice, guidance, and amusement, all in one, as well as how to deal with Moon Square Saturn, all at the same time.

So, no, no loyalty program.

I see an e-mail address in my box from a paid subscriber, and that does get immediate attention.

As the article points out, the problem with loyalty programs is that the sense that the frequent flyer plan is too contrived.

Consistent delivery and low prices.

As a consumer, that’s all I want. As a content provider, that’s what I give.


At the store I frequent in San Antonio, I’m loyal to a fault. It’s certainly not the brand but the people who work there, that makes all the difference.

Although, there is one Sagittarius no longer employed there, and I haven’t sought him out. Frankly, though, he was entertainment. Superlative customer experience and service, but typically Sagittarius, not exactly punctual. How that one lad lasted that long was ever a mystery to me.

No loyalty points, but a fascination with the MGM – Las Vegas location, leader board and concert venue. Sure beats dusty parking lots and long lines of drivers who are probably as impaired the MGM’s pedestrians were that one evening. Bumper cars?

Still, loyalty points got me a room, cheap.


I liked the view of the strip and New York New York.