Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water
See the image. It’s not really a Mercury, think that one’s a Suzuki, or Honda, I don’t recall. Pulled up to fish. Buddy pulled back on the throttle and there was a “bad noise,” and then a puff of smoke.

Mercury is Retrograde, right?

Me? I’m looking at the bright side, I’m just glad we weren’t halfway across the bay when the lower unit decided to not work.

Repeatedly, another buddy keeps asking why I don’t buy a boat. The cost of that lower unit? The one that isn’t working? Conservative estimate is $2K.

The great fishing adventure wherein the only picture I’ve got is a motor that doesn’t motivate.

I kept thinking of the old Chevy-brand hotrod, early 70s? The no va, as in Spanish, the car’s name meant “no-go.”

I’ll be back at the coast in a few weeks. Maybe the boat works then.

Dead in the Water