Shilling for Change

Shilling for Change
The Yelp reviews that might be fake?

I have a receipt sitting on my desk, backside says, “Leave us a good review on yelp,” and the link info.

Searching for anything, I prefer using as the single ad is located at the top, clearly marked, and the rest of the stuff is just that, the real results.

Still, with user-generated content, I see this frequently. My dearest red-headed Capricorn in Austin runs what is essentially a small salon (one person). Check in on Facebook, or some other social media, and she’ll discount her services.

I’d consider the same move, but the problem I’ve faced is some folks tend prefer to meet with me semi-anonymously.

Still, one marketing guru suggested I use an alternate ID, and do just that. I’ve always worried the backlash. I couldn’t do it. Stupid, innate ethics.