Quotes from Francis

Quotes from Francis

“I have often found that bleeding hearts have an ironic fear of their own blood. One drop and they seize up….”

    Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood in
    Netflix’s House of Cards, Chapter 9.

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Pink Cake

Pink Cake is a commonplace book.

“A ‘commonplace book,’ I was introduced to the idea in college, and it was supposed to be a place, like, a notebook, where artists and authors collected the scraps and tidbits of inspiration. Quotes, short passages, notes to one’s self.

“I’ve collected a database of useful information and here it is, a selection of quotes and other inspirational material. Perhaps more telling and more fun, for copyright and other legal considerations, check out the pdf file of quotes that didn’t make it into the collection.”

pinkcake cover

Kindle Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1434805751
A Commonplace Book (full text PDF & cut quotes PDF)

The missing app: Dialogue
I’ve long since wanted a way to record the iPhone calls — now it’s possible. Still working with it, and it feels more beta, but I like the “hands free” feeling.

Dialogue app

The Devil’s Grin
Free, through the end of the month, if I understand correctly.