Mercury Emergency Lock-Down Mode

Mercury Emergency Lock-Down Mode
The Portable Mercury Retrograde explains the basics, but here is is again: Mercury is heading into a retrograde pattern.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Here’s what I do: I have a list of goals, tasks, routine maintenance and various other chores that must be accomplished in the next few weeks. Of these? None are “mission critical,” as in, I won’t absolutely die if I don’t get one or more of the goals finished.

Winston Churchill said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing — after they’ve tried everything else.”

One site that I’ve got, sadly decaying over the years, is now more an experimental playground rather than a viable business operation, and I’ll do some testing there.

There’s a new version of a WordPress Theme that I bought a developer’s license for, and I’ll install that theme. It’s already running in a number of places, I’m just attempting to get everything uniform, across all the sites. I like the way it works; I like the way it is easily “customizable.”

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Neither the WordPress Theme, nor the inherent motor and frame for the sites changes, just the “skin,” the visual adornments on the layer that the readership sees. What you see, not the wiggly bits under the hood.

That’s one example, playing with the window dressings on a website. Not doing fundamental changes, just messing with the way the data is displayed.

Right now, along with the aforementioned synodic Mercurial period, there’s the ongoing Uranus Square Pluto and what it means.

Part of this is a temporary cessation of material that I cover for my (self) employment. In other words, I’m deliberately not working on “for pay” written work. I don’t stop writing, and I don’t stop publishing, but the next few weeks are in the can; although, given the heinous nature of this Mercurial Mayhem pattern? I’ll have to tend to that material to ensure it gets delivered as error-free as possible. Like that would ever happen.

Lock-down mode includes insuring all backup systems are in place and running smoothly. It also includes the day-to-day changes, “Dude, I was coming by at 11:30 for the reading, can we push to 12:30?”

Then, a frantic text, moments later, “How about 12:15, instead, we still cool?”

I tend to leave room in schedule for such exigencies. One buddy referred to it as a “slop,” and thinking of that, another — fishing buddy — called it “slack.” Exactly what it is that’s required in “Mercury Lock-down Mode,” a little slack in the line.

Have to wait for the fish to take the bait — then set the hook. Too hasty, especially during this Mercury Retrograde? Pulls the hook, without the bait, right out of the fish’s mouth.