I stumbled into Netflix and its concomitant series, notably, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Allegedly, Kevin Spacey came from playing Shakespeare’s Richard the Third and that can be easily seen in his House of Cards performance.

Long holiday weekend, and I was paging through the Netflix offerings, and I opted for a documentary about the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. The title was Gonzo, an HDNet piece, originally.

Brilliantly, lovingly done, interviews, clips, and few dramatic readings by luminaries, most notable being Johnny Depp.

Early on, there’s a passage from HST’s Hells Angels that I could quote, as it is a piece of prose that resonates with me so strongly.

There was a point in the documentary where HST is typing, and it comes after Johnny Depp’s performance. It’s a case where the actor captures the nuance of an action, stunningly well.

HST was brilliant, possibly unstable, but brilliant nonetheless.

Netflix, Inc.

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