Bexar County Under Nine Governments

Bexar County Under Nine Governments

Bexar County Line — It’s a favorite image, for me, Bexar County Under Nine Governments because it encapsulates so much history in a tiny spot.

Bexar County Under Nine Governments

The administrative government of Bexar County, besides being the oldest in Texas, is distinguished by having served under nine governments.

The community served under Spanish rule from May 1718 until January 1811, when it was taken over by the revolutionary “Casas Regime.” Only five weeks later, the “Counter-Revolutionary Junta of Bexar” overthrew the Casas Government and eventually restored Spanish rule.

In April, 1812, however, the Republican Army of the North deposed the provincial Spanish government and declared independence from Spain. Five months later the Spanish regained control, holding Texas until 1821.

The fifth regime, “First Imperial Government of Mexico” was created when Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. The emperor relinquished control to army leaders within two years however, and the Republic of Mexico was established.

Texas gained independence from Mexico in 1836 thereby establishing Bexar’s seventh government, the Republic of Texas. In 1845, Texas became the twenty-eighth state of the United States and remained in the Union until 1861 when the Southern States seceded to form the Confederacy. Following the Civil War, U.S. Rule returned to Bexar County in 1865.

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