Price Comparisons

Price Comparisons
I always enjoy the price of parking, especially downtown, and especially if I grab the image while I’m on foot. Makes the comparison more valuable, to me.

The last time paid for a package of blank CDs, it was — I’m thinking — like Dec., last year. I had two spindles, 200, plus or minus, and I swore not to buy anymore until I was almost done with what I had. Like so many other tech industries, I’m gradually moving to just digital delivery.

That being duly noted, I was down to two or three blanks, and I didn’t want to run out. Picked up a single spindle, on sale, $19.99 — about twenty cents each for blanks. Next to it, there were sleeves, at a dime apiece in lots of a hundred. Too much.

I toyed with a laser printed disk, cost too much, and I investigated custom-printed CDs, again, too pricey for value received. As it is, the folks who do request an audio on CD, they get one that’s hand lettered.

Which is back to the price of parking. Both this site’s name and the companion, Bexar County Line, have different antecedents with a common grounding in images. As such, that price image is just part of long history of images depicting prices of parking. In part, that was part of the original impetus for the single image-only site, depicting Bexar County (San Antonio, TX). Although a move was imminent, I still wasn’t sure, but the texture and fabric of the visual record made it that much more appealing.

The price comparison, from parking prices to current rates.

Previously? Here.

2 Guns Movie
2 Guns movie. At the Alamo. The Alamo Drafthouse makes marginal movies better, and a good movie? Even better.

It was great fun. A little heavy on action and moral overtones, but otherwise, plenty of shooting, guns, fisticuffs, and so forth. Stuff blowing up. Mexican drug lords, hints at cartels, CIA, DEA, the naval air station in Corpus Christi (TX), and the beat goes on….

Blow stuff up. Snickering, wise-cracking Marky Mark. Denzel Washington as the other heavy.

When I thought about it, later, tired plot line, two cops team to beat a crooked system.

Still, location and scenery? All looked so familiar, and best of all? Great movie for an afternoon escape.

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