This one’s for Sarah

Must admit, I never really met her in person. My first introduction, she’d been reading my horoscopes, online, for a several years. I put up a paywall in the Fall of 2003, and I got nasty note from her. Maybe not “nasty,” but highly snarky in her sarcastic, Sagittarius style. She was my very first “comp” on the website, and then, for the next, what’s it been, 9 years or so, roughly every month, I’d open a card, letter, mail of some sort from her, and there would be a token cash donation.

Always appreciated. In the fall of 2003, I opened one of those letters, and there was a $20 bill. Bought a pack of cigarettes, a double espresso (Halcyon in Austin sold both), then I had enough left over for a lotto ticket, big gulp, and hot dog from the convenience store. It was a treat, and her donation provided sustenance for the following workday.

She had plans to travel to San Antonio next winter, but that will never happen. I knew, from her online journal, she had some kind of heart condition, but I figured she was still trucking along. From a professional stance, I knew a few more details, but even with death, I let the details slide.

I hope she is honored and remembered at her church. The way I work, I would tend to read a buddhist slant to her spiritual leanings, but that could be me.

I was hoping she was going to see the next book release coming up, as the last text I did, “The Portable Mercury Retrograde” was dedicated to her. She proofed the manuscript.

Damn, good Sagittarius are so difficult to find these days. I’m sure she’s happy and smiling someplace, and she’ll be with all her beloved pets.

Before I got to poking around, I was going to write about the sad lament that comes from weblog or online journal going cold. It was about a week of missed updates that I figured something had happened. In my all-knowing way, I hoped it was just an ISP or something.

Safe travels, Sagittarius.