Impaired Side Clearance

impaired side clearance

Rerun to let everyone know the new scopes are here…

Via my Mother’s Pastor:
Yes, all about that town in Northeast Texas.

The Casas Reales:
It’s a slightly (phone) modified image of the historical plaque, just off the corner of Main Plaza. Southeast corner, a now-abandoned book (religious) store. It’s across the street, kind of, from the Bexar County Courthouse, the big, epic, red one.

Government in one form or another, since 1731. Seeing as how the expanded courthouse is — literally — across the street, and the San Fernando Cathedral, also started in 1731, is a few steps across the plaza?

Not big on separation of church and state back then. Doesn’t much matter. Another plaque, on the south side of the courthouse claims something like 9 different governments have been here. The land remains the same. The people are the same, a mix of ethnic — or whatever. I can’t comment on race.

I’m an outsider, just an observer, passing through. It’s a way cool place, though.

And on August 1?