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Trafalgar View
Omnia Explorate, Meliore Retinete

During the act? Seriously?

Spurious Data Feed:
Yahoo updates. Pay attention.

I think I’ve got, maybe three total, of folks on Yahoo still.

Red Lights:
There was, might still be, a bar in Austin called, “The Zona Rosa.” Saw (some band, some guy, some thing) there, still have a ticket stub.

The name, my guess, the name is derived from the Mexican term for “Red Light District,” which, despite time and age, I’ll never admit having ever visited a Zona Rosa in Mexico, or the most famous of all Red Light districts, in Amsterdam. Statute of limitations notwithstanding and physical prowess now in question. Age and cleverly porous memory has privileges.

That’s one meaning for red lights.

There’s another version of this, as well, red, octagonal sign? With white letters? A stop sign, right? Means stop. Unless, of course, you’re like me, and we roll through them, on occasion, because we can, am I right? California style.

So a red light means one thing, and the red sign means another, correct, denotation and connotation?

How about this, the light go out, and red light comes on with white letters, says, “EXIT.” That doesn’t mean stop, that means hurry up and get out of this place.

Same color light, three different, well, I was only thinking of two, the introduction just popped up, but the meaning, of the two, “Stop,” and “EXIT,” varies, according to context.

When I do an astrology reading, a sun sign, plus the host of other planets I work with, all of that means something. But I can’t just say it means one thing.

Sort of depends on what’s around it. Like the red light.

Stop? Exit? Go inside and see the madam? All depends. I bring context to an astrology chart, that’s what I do.

Like that red light.