Costco, Capricorn, and Terabytes

Costco, Capricorn, and Terabytes

Just faded memories, brought about by Costco, Capricorn and Terabytes. It was a Capricorn client who turned me onto Costco’s superior services, earth-friendly attitudes, and the novel concept of treating employees well, which, it turns out, does help the bottom line.

Costco, Capricorn, and Terabytes

I pulled the ad out of the Costco circular, and as I paged through, the “3 Terabyte BU Drive” caught my attention. No price, but a coupon for “20 off,” sure.

Limit? Five. Five by Three Terabytes, that’s 15 terabytes of data storage. Right on the desktop, straight from the warehouse store.

Costco, Capricorn, and Terabytes

That’s a some serious storage. Last time I checked, I was running about a three-quarters of that, just in website, and then, of course, back-up and e-mail.

Costco, Capricorn, and Terabytes
This explains some of the complexity involved with running a simple daily photo-blog.

A daily like the side project,

Or the gently dying on the vine other side project,

Nearly eighty-five?

In Austin? Really? No, seriously?

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