This Modern World

This Modern World

A single image from one of the few remaining megalithic bookstore conglomerates, the end cap for the magazine rack?

This Modern World


Clearly labeled “Sports,” and clearly full of transient technology periodicals. Looking at a new Dan Brown book, imagine what you will, he does spin a ripping yarn.

That one chain has done me no favors as an author, so it is fair to mock them.

Sports – what their label said. Tech rags, by the look of it.

This Modern World: the problems with it.

Too bad as I still like libraries and bookstores. Makes me very old fashioned, now.

This Modern World

The Sex Life of the Gods – Michael Knerr

Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 – Various & Harry Bates

The Graveyard Rats – Henry Kuttner

Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series – Henry Kuttner