The Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini, the Natal Gemini Moon

wkSplash1 In Western Astrology, the system handed down through the millennia as a method of self-understanding and prognostication, the importance of the Natal Moon is part of critical and accurate birth chart interpretations.

When the Natal Moon is in the sign of Gemini, this indicates a high degree of mental acuity. Great minds. Too quick on some occasions, but that is inherent with this symbol. To best grasp some of the multiple facets of the Gemini Moon, it’s best to back up and start with the sign of Gemini, the last week or so of May and the first couple of weeks in June, ending on the Summer Solstice. Gemini’s symbol is the “The Twins,” and most people accuse Gemini of being “two-faced,” which, in observed behavior time and again, really ignores the other 43 facets to the Gemini personality. A Gemini is like a fine-cut gemstone, “Im the same on the inside,” but we’re never sure which facet we’re looking at, on the outside.

As a the Moon Sign, this lends that Gemini alertness and mental quickness, a glib tongue, to most matters. There’s an interest in everything, while it would appear, lacking a certain amount of depth, either emotional depth and closeness or intellectual depth. That lack of depth is generally more than adequately covered by the extent — the very breadth of the knowledge or concern.

The Gemini planet is Mercury and its influence is well-documented elsewhere. As the quickest moving planet, with an orbit of just 88 days, the mercurial Gemini Moon people are equally alter. Taking a cue from that Mercury, though, the Gemini Moon is frequently less willing to ponder details, or get down to finite moments that require great attention. Other factors in a birth chart can weigh and help, but otherwise, the Gemini Moon? Quick, insightful, but not long on getting facts and details organized in a useful fashion.

The challenge with the Gemini Moon, that mental alertness? That can turn to analysis. Then, in typical Mercury/Gemini fashion? That analysis can run overboard. The systems int he Gemini brain start analyzing and don’t stop until the entire situation is broken down into sub-atomic particles in size. The caution for the Gemini is to learn not to get into “paralysis by analysis,” as that freezes up otherwise deep emotional clues.

While the Gemini Moon person tends to be an avid reader, there is a possibility of jumping to conclusions. “I read an article about this on a website, so it must be true, and therefore….”

The leaping to a hasty conclusion based on a cursory examination of the material is great in some places, but in others, perhaps it’s best if someone with a different moon sign came along to look after the details. The advantage of the Gemini Moon person is an ability to truly multi-task at all times. Yes, they can do two things at once, and they can do two things at once being successful at both. Have to admire that.

Gemini Moon? Embrace the good points and let someone else look after the details.

The Moon will be in Gemini from June 6 to June 9, 2013.