Kramer, Kramer!

Kramer, Kramer!

“Kramer, Kramer! Come in here,” I was summoned unto Grace and Ken’s bedroom.

“You sleep OK?” (Grace)

Sure, excellent.

They had their dogs on the bed with them, Ken looks at me, “I love you Bubba.”

He petted on the dogs, “I was talking to him.”

Grace chortled.


I use the most advance technology: pen and paper —

    1. It’s portable.
    2. It’s fast. Zero loading time. Just flip the page and it’s there.
    3. It’s flexible. Just like a blank piece of paper. Literally.
    4. No internet connection needed.


Kramer, Kramer!

Carnitas with Grace. I held up a tortilla, “This look like Jesus? Elvis? Anything?”

Grace snapped a picture, popped it up on FaceBook.

viva clp

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