Fishing El Paso Style

Fishing El Paso Style
Because I’m in El Paso

“Kramer-dude, we got to go up to the Butte next time,” Ken kept reminding me. We went. Left at 4 local time, and we were hooked up with some buddy of his, Billy Jack, Virgo, who is a guide in the area.

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He knew a guy who let us fish on his private and that was a small man-made cut that held Walleye, bass, and other fish. We were on the bank of the Rio Grande, and we fished for a few hours.

Big fun.

Ken handed me a pole, I hefted it, looked at the bait, looked familiar. Bass bait, curly tail grub, bass pole, five foot Shakespeare stick, little light line.

Fishing El Paso Style

I had no luck with their fish or their techniques, but bass pole, bass bait? That’s me, grinning with a river black bass. Damn good fun.