Cohorts and Collusion

card reading

From El Paso with Love

Robin Gile is an associate, a buddy, not a fishing buddy, but we’ve worked side by side, cheek to jowl for a number of years.

In El Paso, we both did readings for a mutual client. “Wow, he said the exact same thing.” Robin reads palms, I read stars or cards. The cards are largely a prop these days, tokens, symbolic to me, and useful in some situations.

When I spoke with Robin early one morning, he was talking about the good, old days. Client said something similar, back in the days of yore.

“I told them, ‘yes, we all have a small earphone radio receiver in our ears,’ you know, so we can make sure we all say the same thing.”

And that’s the rest of the story.

No, “And that’s how you make Bundt Cake.”

Better yet, “now you know it’s not really magic, just an illusion and sleight of hand.”

Unrelated Gemini Entry:
How many occurrences of the F-bomb, and for that matters, when has it ever been that effin’ funny?