University Education

University Education

Check my CV, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, from ASU, Arizona State, Tempe, AZ. No regrets. In a recent TV version of the remake of “Hawaii Five-Oh,” the lead forensic coroner claimed ASU, not for academics, but for the parties, “They were off the hook!”

I studied, workshopped, under two greats that come to mind, Mark Harris and Ron Carlson. Less about what they taught about the mechanics, and much more about the process. Served me well. Although, the process and the mechanics are interwoven.

Over the years, the process is refined, and I’ll doubt that I’ll ever be a better writer, but I can constantly strive to improve the mechanics. Grammar, spelling, punctuating, style, content and delivery. Fewer run-ones, at least, unintentional ones.

When I mentioned ASU, people from one side of my life tap the side of their noses, nod, and smirk, usually with comment about, “It figures, you know, Kramer and all….” Other folks from the other side? “Kramer, well, sure, I guess…. I never knew.”

My bad: that wasn’t the résumé I was looking for, just some web fodder.

University Education

The University Education has little to do with lessons learned fishing. Be prepared. Adjust, modify, test. Adjust as need be to shifting weather.

I was supposed to fish with a boat load of buddies on Saturday, but they all bailed. So I fished almost solo on Sunday. Caught a Gafftop, couple of skipjack, a pair of rays, couple of tourist trout and small, black-tip shark. Nothing worth keeping.

Biggest Sting Ray was close to a square meter and gave the best fight, and, released, basically unharmed.

Fishing Guide to Fishing Guide, “Kramer, I cleaned the fish last time, you clean them this time.”

Too bad, nothing worth keeping on my turn. The recent weather left more than the fish confused.

All about process. One style or technique isn’t working? Try a different style, a different location.

Couple of the first catches of the day were Lady Fish, and those quickly turned into bait. Proved effective. Does a university education prepare us for fishing?

No Fish