One Question

Just One Question

Interview time, just one question. Imagine it’s an interview, but you only get to ask one question. What’s the question?

Just One Question

The idea is, as a correspondent, I’m allowed just one question.

    “I know my rights, I’m allowed one phone call!”

Yeah, not what this about. In an interview or a process where there’s only one, possibly insightful question, what is it?

Came out of Press Kit question, and in the early days of the inter-webs, we used to play a game called, “100 things about me you probably didn’t know…”

That would get shot around from friend to friend, and in its early iterations, there were reminders, “Which friend is least likely to respond?”

Frequent flier points with guilt trips. We’re more cynical now. Way.

My frequent interaction with local media has picked up again, not much, but something is better than nothing, and that’s why I had to polish the old press package. Which made me think about the idea of asking just one question.

With a finite background in journalism, I’m not much for fact-checking, as it turns out, I was looking for that one, insightful question that can launch a conversation. One starting point.

Or, like this, it’s a dinner party and you’re briefly seated next to someone famous, what’s the one question you want to ask?

Just One Question

What’s the most unexpected lesson you’ve picked up on the way?

My most unexpected lesson is that a series of events, seemingly unrelated to each other would change my life’s direction. From TexMex dinner in a diner, to career writing on the web, writing horoscopes, which has no end in sight, all started with that random series of events.

Embrace the random series of events that open doors, and never hesitate to follow up with hard work and determination.

Quick Take Away?
“Should’ve gone with the guy instead of straight data,” or something like that.

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  • Sarah Smith May 21, 2013 @ 9:37

    That’s a good question for the over-30 crowd, about the most unexpected, unanticipated lesson along the way. I’d have to think about that. I find myself wanting to pooh-pooh the lesson because I am inclined to play down any accomplishments or personal growth. It would sound too much like tooting my own horn, which I was conditioned to see as a bad thing, from earliest years.

    Tumblr. You omitted the period, man. Not cool. Never have explored it much; teens hung up on their bodies and their hangups didn’t appeal to me much.

  • Kramer Wetzel May 21, 2013 @ 11:26

    Yeah, but the trigger for the personal growth? Why I liked the question.

    Tumblr. “what-ev.”

    Each of the “social media” outlets reaches a different strata — I tend to use them all to aggregate my material.

    I did find a desire to locate an article I wrote a few months ago. If it was on Tumblr., etc.? I wouldn’t have it close at hand.

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