Odd Bytes

Odd Bytes

A cool of books
will sometime lead the mind to libraries
of hot afternoon, if books can be found
cool to the sense to lead the mind away.

William Carlos Williams, “The Library” (I) in Paterson

William Carlos Williams

Odd Bytes

Social Media Observation
In deference to current “best practices,” I do have a page full of the social media connections, astrofish.net/connect, aptly named for now.

One small bit of candor that I adore from a Capricorn, from time to time, goes like this, with stated priorities: girls and cars.

Yes, what teenagers are doing is of no interest, but how?

Another quote, I can’t source, most of the teens today think FB is boring, but regularly check it anyway.

Facebook – Facebook, Inc.

Odd Bytes

Trendy Hipsters:
I left Austin because I was no longer “hip,” and now?

The literary antecedents to the current crop of hipsters.

Other hipster trends.

The follies of the internets? I have no idea of the source, but I have a digital audio copy of Allen Ginsburg reading his poem, “Howl.”

“Angel headed hipster,” was the line.

I’m thinking, at some point in my undergrad studies, the professor played that — or similar — recording. Early forays into free web audio files turns up that mp3, I’m guessing. Wasn’t until the other afternoon I got around to listening it, all three parts, several times over.

Amazing to hear, in its entirety, as read by the author.

The Allen Ginsberg Audio Collection – Allen Ginsberg