Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

I remember seeing this movie, the first time, in the old ‘art house,’ which later became, Alamo North (although it’s not that far north in Austin, not anymore.)

The opening scene, the lyric poetry as repeated by the actors (and actresses) brought tears to my eyes, to see and hear a proper version of the play, on the big screen.

This version of the play seemed to set the new standard against which other versions are now judged.

Fair enough. With Keanu Reeves as the Bastard? Sure. Dude.

Much Ado About Nothing

I get oblique references to some guy named “Joss Whedon.”

Much Ado About Nothing

He did film, or TV or something. Star Trek? Star Wars? I don’t recall.

This looks fun. For the last 20 years, Michael Keeton set the standard against which all Dogberry (constable) characters were judged. As I understand it, Keeton had just come from Beetle Juice, and it wasn’t a big step to get to his rendition of Dogberry.

In Austin, on cool spring night, I watched as a local teacher hammed it up as Dogberry, and like I’ve suggested, he was borrowing heavily from the 1993 film adaptation.

Looks to be different. The new trailer is black and white, with shades of gray, and that looks promising. I’m not familiar with the principles, but if it really was filmed on the heels of a previous film, then the acting might be spirited and amused — this is a film I am looking forward to seeing. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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