Miscellany via Bexar County

San Antonio — as defined as Bexar County — is way weirder than Austin, but no one listens to me.

Rosario’s is a famous TexMex place on S. Alamo. Across the street, last week? I grabbed this image and, to me, it looks like a “tobacco inhalation device,” as we’re not allowed to say “bong.”

Earlier, there was this image, proof that the iPhone is not always the best camera, as it was one of those achingly clear spring days. I noticed the figure of the predator’s shape, gliding overhead, riding the gentle breezes, and he (she?) did pass close enough to clearly see the details of the bird’s markings, but the attempt at a picture failed on so many levels.

That’s okay, made me think back to my connection with owls more than hawks.

No amount of digital chicanery could tease out what clearly was no longer visible.