Gated Living

Had a buddy, back in the old Austin days, living in a “Gated Community.” Some details have echoed in my horoscopes.

Which is what made this odd image even more amusing, word play in the title, and then, a slight sag to the image’s frame, hardware, software, who knows? I didn’t do it.

Gated Living.

Omnia Explorate, Meliore Retinete

“You know, that place up the street? The antique store with apartments? It used to be a brothel; they would drive the cattle to the stockyards, now the other side of the freeway, and the girls would line up on the balcony for the cowboys.”

I can’t even make this stuff up.

iPhone App:
I’m guessing maybe 40% of you have iPhones. If you do? Now at Starbucks for free, there’s an app called “Clear.”

It’s a “To Do” list thing. App. Whatever.

It’s cool. From Starbucks, for free, for a limited time.

Simple. Does one thing, a “punch list,” or grocery list, and that’s all.