Coming in June!


Coming in June!

$20 Tuesday at Nature’s Treasures in Austin!
20 minute astrological tune-up, with mp3!

In-store special, only in June, $20/20 minutes with Kramer. Austin, we’re back again.

    Of course, some restrictions apply, see schedule for details and the limits of the offer.

The store has been around for years, but this is a sort of new location. Remember when it was an Academy? I was there with a roller girl, getting knee pads or something.

Awesome facility, and a perfect opportunity to reconnect in Austin. In discussions, the price point came up, and because, technically, it is East Austin, I got family in the same zip, nearby, I can do the cheap rate. See how it goes.

$20, 20 minutes, appointments are available. At that price, I won’t print a chart, or burn a CD, but a recording will be available as a mp3 download.

Yeah, I got stories about that neighborhood, back in the day. Sure.

Coming in June!

The quickie: an astrological tune-up. You’ve been to see me before, we’ve exchanged emails, you’re a friend of a friend who knows this guy, sure, we’ve all heard it before. Tuesday afternoons, in Austin. Hint: No cover charge.

I stepped out of the store, looked at a row of cars, and one Austin bumper sticker leapt out at me.

“Unspeakable ritual and dark sacrifices
austin sticker
It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

Ah yes, parts of Austin are still weird enough.