Texas Land and Cattle

It’s a chain, as I understand, and what’s nice, for me, the beef is advertised as “grass-fed,” in keeping with a strict paleo diet. The scientific merit of the Paleo Diet are up for debate, and I won’t weigh in on that. Like astrology, I’ll just point out — it works for me.

A long, hard day — the first full moon sign after the full moon — moon in Sagittarius, in Austin, and I was fried by late afternoon. New event location, same management, rather a cool location, good vibes, and much fun for me.

We all rolled out for some dinner. Me. Five women of varying signs, Libra, Scorpio, two majestic Leo’s, one Pisces. I held the door open, we entered the restaurant, with much bravado, I told the cute little hostess, “These are all mine,” and swept my arm to indicate the woman ahead of me.

“Of course they are,” and she rolled her eyes.

We were seated, waiter came over, “Hello ladies….”

“Hey,” says me.

I understand I’m kept around for entertainment value. And heavy lifting if there are planets involved.