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In a series of three, this was first: Lowrider Lincoln. (1959, I think.)

Big Red and Barbacoa — everyday, a San Antonio favorite. Coming in from Austin, Barbacoa was a weekend special treat.

Big brother is watching you?

To follow on that thread, I pulled a few stats from the current server. For just one file, just a single piece of software that runs across most of my sites? The numbers show, “hits:” 43478 & I/O “reads:” 236240. The term “hits” is misleading, but then, so are the terms like, “page views,” and any other digital accounting for web page usage. “Hits” means the number of times a request came from a browser, or spider, while the I/O reads is server-specific, and kind of a better metric, as it shows the amount of material put through the virtual pipeline, both push and pull.

There comes a time when there’s paralysis by analysis. What I was happiest with my analytics, I was able to catch bad calls, fix the broken bits, and after three months on this server, I’ve plugged all the holes. So far.

I can’t reveal any hard stats because no two packages agree, with two of my favorite counters being close, like the number suggested, I’d guess, a little more than 50K pages served in a month.

Your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.