Cowboy Portraiture

It’s a cowboy, probably a real one, guessing, from the clues that aren’t obvious in the shaky, cell phone image.

Downtown San Antonio, couple of weeks back. I was shod in sandals and shorts, and that was a furtive image as the cowboy — the rodeo was in town — was looking at an image on the computer’s screen. Mac Book Air.

The diminutive laptop had a black leather skin, but the Apple logo was clearly visible. He was backed into a corner, and when he let his guard down for just a moment, there was an image of Latin Lady, clad in a short black dress. Dark, raven locks cascading down in curls. All I saw.

Two points grabbed my attention, at first, the “real cowboy” look and feel, as well as computer hardware. Formerly, Apple was the sign of the rebel, the outlaw and the free-thinker. With a store in the mall, it’s moved from the far left to almost center.

What wasn’t visible was the nascent ponytail this guy had, pulled back with rubber band, a red beard shot through with gray. Intent on typing with one hand while supporting the laptop with the other, head down, cowboy hat pulled low.

His boots would be “dress” boots, but they also showed obvious signs of a rodeo arena, like straw and scuff marks. There’s also a presence that a person who works outside, does hard labor, possible wrangling cows or horses, couldn’t tell.

I take very few pictures that include people. It’s tough enough trying to frame an inanimate object, trying to capture the essence of a scene without attempting to work with live quarry, as well. However, that one cowboy, his image spoke to me.

Real cowboys, part of my world.