Tito’s and Icons

Walking passed the place, the other afternoon, I unlimbered my phone and caught a quick image. The name of the restaurant is “Tito’s” and it’s in the old Alamo St. Market building.

Tito’s Icon and images

The image fro the other afternoon is here, with obvious image manipulation done on the phone itself. No big deal, just filters and frame, quick, while I’m walking, adjustment.

Original reason to like the place? Here – breakfast of champions.

Another image, the slightly more historical context? Here.

It was Tito’s “icon” that grabbed my attention, and I’ve been meaning to explore its image. The square head, it could be a flat panel display, or a TV box. The image, in my addled mind, evokes an Aztlan (Aztec) iconography, maybe petroglyph antecedents.

Be weird to wander among the old symbols and newly rediscovered site in Meso-America, only to tumble across the same image.

It could happen.