Several years ago, further back than I care to think, this image, migrated from San Antonio to a trailer in South Austin and became a touchstone.

Parking was originally three dollars and the monthly subscription was $2.95 for 30 days, and it’s all changed around.

Still, image, it’s a recent shot, same parking lot, same historic town, and new images. The tag line is changing, though, from “digital still life in Alamo City” to “digital art in Alamo City, 500 pixels at a time,” to the current favorite, perhaps most evocative, “Alamo City, 500 pixels at a time.”

500 pixels refers to the width of the images, and there’s no real name for the area, other than its given name of Bexar County.

One of my observations will be making it into print before long though, “San Antonio, TX: bigger than Dallas and more laid back than Austin.”

Better TexMex, too.