Membership Drive

Mars Needs Women

Membership Drive

Aries starts the astrological new year. With that, and while Jupiter is still in Gemini? Time for a new membership drive. Goose the subscription base for the horoscopes. Time for a membership drive.

    Got to ask, what’s more cool?

How this works: the horoscopes are loved by a devout few. The disenfranchised. The misfits. The literate. The loyal readers.

I am an astrologer, I’ve done charts on almost all the readers. Here’s what I’ve learned: other than an abnormally high number of perspicacious Virgo? The site attracts an equal number across the spectrum. Age, sign, gender, no general grouping. No statistically significant group stands out.

From correspondence, I have determined a frequent auto-didactic flavor. And not a one of them are “normal.”

So, to keep the sight flourishing, I need a few more readers. Oddballs, misfits, artists, dreamers, stay-at-home-moms, entrepreneurs, visionaries.

You know who you are. Sign up now and support the cause.

Drive-thru prices
Seems like most of the available horoscopes are churned out by one or two machines, and there is an author’s name attached to the output. How much is real?

Given my propensity for run-on sentences, hanging modifiers, typographical mistakes, the overwhelming evidence suggests, it’s just me. One guy, not a machine.

The Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars are only available here.

I’m a full-time independent astrologer who works hard to bring quality readings and ideas, hopefully a little riot in your mind, with these horoscopes. If you enjoy what you read here, please subscribe to show your support.