Clio Muse of Epic Poetry

Three part harmony

Many years ago, I “dated” a woman, Sagittarius, who was also known by a stage name, Clio. To me? Clio is the muse of epic poetry.

To some, Clio is the muse of history. I’m not going to quibble about ancient Greek definitions. Just more Graeco-Roman Mythology.

Apparently I misunderstood the Clio allusion. Supposed to be some queen. Missed that entirely.

Then, as previously linked, the lists of muses, along the Queen’s Walk, Southwark.

Clio Muse of Epic Poetry

Clio Muse of Epic Poetry
I do enjoy a culture that works it into the mainstream. Always made me think of one “minor regional novelist” who had a mythical Texas town called Thalia.

One of the images from fishing the other day? A huge tanker, berthed along the inter-coastal waterway, and her title? Clio. Miserable picture, as that’s a camera for images of fish, and not much else. So it’s not a great shot. Still, piqued my curiosity.

That Clio is flagged out of Monrovia, ostensibly the capital of Liberia, a small country on the west side of Africa. The capital, Monrovia, named for the US President.

Why would a West Africa nation name a ship Clio? Epic poetry about history? I am completely unsure of the connection. Just a weird observation.