Have We Changed?

One of those — stupid to me — memes on FaceBook was something about, “All people are equal,” and it featured a 7-color flag. The flag of the LGBT grouping, I guess. Pretty far from my radar because I just assume everyone is equal.

So how far have we come? Question reminds me of Thomas, and he suggests we have come a-ways.

How We’ve Changed

What prompted this idle was a post about ten feminist books, and I’m very embarrassed to admit I haven’t read any on the list — that I can recall.

However, in my defense, I’ve got a ton of feminist poets including some revolutionary ones. There’s the single literary suggestion that Chaucer introduced the first fully-fleshed out female character, my old favorite Taurus Rising, the Wife of Bath.

Then, too, there’s numerous arguments in the ivory halls, particularly within the liberal arts & sciences, that Shakespeare treated some of his female characters with a gentle and deft touch, making those stage presentations more human than previous authors.

Has the world changed? I’ve long maintained, see me in person and this gets a better delivery, “I’m no feminist. The patriarchy is on its way out, but I’m no feminist.”

The quote, in the real world, gets attributed to one of my cousins.

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