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On British novelist, Will Self, books and more.

I have a few of Will Self’s novels on my bookshelf. One was stunningly good, sticking with me, and not being tossed in various moves and book shelf culling — recycling.

Some years ago, too, I had one of his articles in paper form, I suspect it was in the Guardian, but I can’t locate it with a cursory search. He wrote about walking from someplace like his home to London’s Heathrow.

From a trailer park on the south bank of the Colorado River, in Austin, I figured I could do such a journey, too, document the path that follows the river as it winds lazily towards the airport and eventually to Gulf.

I never negotiated that.

In the past, I have toyed with post-modern style in the horoscopes, but that is as much for my own amusement as it is a statement about literary style.

Two-Meat Tuesday

(Kindle Version)
Title: Two-Meat Tuesday
ISBN-13: 978-1411638723
Two-Meat Tuesday - Kramer Wetzel
Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

Here’s another list I aim to make.