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The Uniform
As mentioned in Aries this week.

I’m worried, I have a new favorite shirt, bought new, cheap. $3.00, in Austin, near the old hood. The chain is a Mexican brand, specializes in inexpensive, non-name-brand working clothes.

After a few launderings, it’s held up. So far. Not sure what will come out of the dryer this is time.

Think it was 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Still, awful plaid, soft to the touch. Fits the uniform. As noted before, shirt paid for itself the first time.

    Pursuant to the “uniform,” this becomes a non-issue.

    I only own boots and sandals. Boots, tend to be hand-made Lucchese, probably built in El Paso, but that’s a guess. Boots, sitting in the Alamo Drafthoue, the other afternoon, my boots were sticking into the aisle. No mis-matched socks visible (cf., Capricorn.)