Mayans Versus Aliens

One of two Beat Antique tunes that really deserve notice.

Mayans VS Aliens – NYE – 2012 – Part 1 & 2


The other one that needs a little attention?

Lucha Libra (Beats Remix)


Image Post Place Holder

Cosmic Bass Boat

Instagram, Copyright and Sales Models

For several years, I’ve run my own photoblog site.

When I set it up, original post date is like, May, 2007? It was a non-commercial, labor of love that I “monetized” with ads.

I’ve since toned back the ads, and it’s nothing but images, with a single, new image once every 24 hours.

My images. No one else. Usually in small format, which means, no large reproduction. Doesn’t matter, but if an image was a winner, I’d like to see some recompense — that’s all.

The litany of names of “social network” sites — read the fine print — typically, the originator of the content no longer owns the first serial rights, if any rights at all, check (and thank) FB for that.

By design, to prevent this from happening.

In the past, when I’ve set up websites for other like-minded folks, I’ve always reiterated this point. Create content for your own site then bounce if off the inter-webs.


They own you.