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Not Micro-Formats

Micro-formats is design code for something else. I was looking for a novel by Austin’s author, Bruce Sterling. I’ve got most of his works in hardback, and I figure, one of them, Islands in the Net, is a flawed classic that is eerily accurate in some ways. I like ideas, the tech was a little short-sighted, but even then, still one of my all-time favorites, and worthy of a reread, over the years.

Early on, I enjoyed the fiction, some science fiction, of Rudy Rucker. I was delighted to find a couple of their combined efforts lists as eBooks, at 99 cents a pop.

Novella length, be my guess for the collaborations, not really a enough for a novel, but certainly longer than a short story. Good stuff.

Loco - Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling Bruce Sterling