Jupiter and the Year Ahead

cropped-015_12A.jpgThe salient points for consideration, this is Western, Tropical Zodiac, and the key points to start with?

Jupiter is currently in Gemini. Retrograde in Gemini, as Jupiter is basically on a “one year cycle” from our vantage point, here on Earth. In that year, Jupiter appears to retrograde about a third of the time, more or less, four months.

Jupiter is currently Retrograde in Gemini. Gemini is mutable, air, and highly excitable, but with an original touch of ADD.

    Wait, where we going with this?

At the end of January, 2013, Jupiter starts to unlimber from a long and protracted retrograde period, slamming into most of the mutable stuff in the first third to half of all the signs. Sagittarius? It opposed us. Virgo, Pisces? Squared (tension angle, like, ‘squared off’ against you?)

Depends on which school of astrology one subscribes to, but I prefer a slightly updated look at Jupiter and the next year. The squares aren’t always bad. Then, too, the conjunctions aren’t always good.

    However, timing is everything.

Jupiter goes direct on 30 January, 2013. Way down at the beginning of Gemini, the early June babies feel it the most. Next up will be the middle, then tail-end Gemini, and by extension, the same for Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

25 June 2013, Jupiter moves into the tropical sign of Cancer, the Moon Child. Shortly thereafter, the mighty Jupiter will oppose Pluto in Capricorn.

By 6 November 2013, Jupiter gets to a point almost all the way through Cancer, which means, almost everything at any Cardinal degree, not the last five, but just about everything else, will be ridden roughshod by Jupiter. Opposes Capricorn, squares Libra and Aries.

Eventually, Jupiter will turn around again, and since this is yearly cycle, the planet’s trajectory doesn’t appear to change until 6 March 2014.

So in this year, 2013, Jupiter appears to move backwards against a backdrop of the orderly progression of the heavens, twice. First, the beginning, in Gemini, then at the end, in Cancer. Stuck in the middle, is long and extended run, from one of Gemini to the other end of Cancer.

The years starts slow. The stagnant placement of Jupiter makes most activities feel like the effort required is not equal to the results. Too much work for too little gain. Like a light switch, though, this changes the first of February.


That’s when it gets good, especially for me. Big fish. What we hope for.

The long run in the spring, as Jupiter picks up its pace and appears to race through Gemini to get into Cancer, that’s a time when the mutable signs should concentrate on Jupiter endeavors.

    Publishing, publicity, and when in doubt? Punt!

Jupiter is a gas giant. As the planet of good luck and good fortune, it’s matter of doing something, taking some action, even a simple, merely symbolic step, to harness the good nature of Jupiter’s effect.

For the mutable parts in a chart, or those of use who are mutable? Take some kind of a step forward. Don’t usually buy a lottery ticket? Try it. Buy one. If Jupiter’s luck is such that you win, based on my advice? I’m asking for 1%. (I’m not greedy.)

Then, as the summer and it’s full roasting ability arrives, like, think: July 4th?

Time for the cardinal signs, all of them to start engaging in Jupiter’s positive energy. The astrological “juice” is there — make something of it.

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