Digital Chicanery

Community Coffee

Digital Chicanery

Community Coffee Truck and Tanker

This is part of the reason I have a site named Sky Friday, I kept getting images that involved pieces of sky.

That image was on the way to the coast, out the front windscreen of a hybrid, and what caught my eye, but didn’t really show up when the image was massaged for web use, the Community Coffee truck. Next to a tanker. I’m sure there’s a connection.

Buddy from LA (Lower Arkansas) introduced me to “Community,” as he would say it, Louisiana Coffee with chicory in it. Sometimes. Or French Roast. I’m not sure. My buddy was last heard when he was winging it through Austin, a few years back. I think I’ve tried one brick of Community sense then, not impressed. I do recall when the brand opned up a chain of coffee shops, but they were quickly ousted by, I think Seattle’s Best, who were then bought by Starbucks.

I was headed to the coast for fishing, fun, and the last of the sun, until next spring.

I can’t find it now, but there was a recording of Norman Cook’s set in Brazil? Tokyo? Xmas 2011? I’m not sure. Spun that up until I could get the local radio in Corpus Christi (TX).

Wasn’t that tanker, I don’t think, but one of the trucks hauling — oil be a good guess — was aptly named, “Highway Pipeline.”

The title, “Digital Chicanery,” stems from me spending all of about three or four minutes trying to tease the colors, hues and saturations up and out of an obvious phone photo.