Adventures with Amazon

Kick-off link – Amazon’s chaotic storage.

When I first self-published, the very first book, years went into the text itself. Then I embarked upon the adventure of trying to sell the book. Amazon had a deal at the time, I could get books shipped to them, and Amazon would warehouse the books. Since then, the process has streamlined, it’s Amazon ordering print-on-demand straight from the printer. Anymore, I just use the Amazon service, as it is, for printing and fulfillment.

The rapid sense of change in the publishing world, I paid, I think, $20 each for my first ten ISBN numbers, all of those numbers now adroitly adorn yearly collections, at this point. Makes me even more legal. Legitimate.

I never responded quick enough, but Amazon destroyed my last copy they had in stock. Probably in one of those warehouses?

“There’s no place for truth on the Internet.” (Character) Howard Wolowitz, in the ‘Big Bang Theory’ (Vegas Baby)