Worst Case Scenario

Weather. Frakenstorm. Hurricane Sandy.

“I told you so.”

I lived through two or three “100 year floods” my last decade in Austin. With the advent of the millennial time change, one could argue that one flood came at the end of the last century, while the other one came at the beginning of the next. Another specious argument, although, I’m not above that kind of logic.

Flood then drought. I’ve been through a half dozen hurricane threats in the last decade, with San Antonio a little closer and therefore, feeling a little more vulnerable.(1)

For comparison, historically, there are two Texas hurricanes of note. Galveston in 1900, and the World War 2 hurricane I hear alluded to, but not very much documentation on that one.

There’s an image buried on the site someplace, “Thanks Rita, looters – we hunt too.”

    (1) Two reported earthquakes, too, but honestly, most Low Riders in my hood have more shake power than those South Texas tremblers.