WordPress, Themes & Content Delivery

Quick piece about SEO.

As I actually “moseyed over” towards WordPress, the ocean of options and available crap stymied me. Too many choices, with styles, looks, moving parts, and the most problematic, the code.(1)

I used the term ‘moseyed’ because it wasn’t an ill-thought out plan, but a very slow and methodical testing, tweaking, and considerations before the plan for the next decade was implemented.

While I liked the over-all function of WordPress, the tiniest of problems, minor but important points, mattered to me.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community
I just figure it would be great if I had a WordPress site topped by a theme — think skin — a theme that didn’t require me modifying any of the underlying structure in order to function.

Updates roll at an impressive rate with developers “revving” (revision) as often as every other week.

So here’s the trick, despite some ill-will in the “community,” this theme I use, more a framework, it lets me, legally, remove the links (advertising) I don’t find appropriate.

Slow process to get here, not ill-conceived or rushed, but methodical research paid off.

What I’m looking for is a seamless delivery mechanism. Thesis Theme works just like that. Results count.

I still find the Thesis Theme, developer option, the best. In the long-run? Cheaper, too. Way cheaper.

    (1) Ask Apple about “graphical user interface” guidelines.