Paleo Candy

One of the biggest heartbreaks of the paleo diet is skipping the San Antonio vegan place, but besides the kale, I don’t think anything else there is even close to Paleo. has recipes. I’m guessing the author is Aries, Cap or Sag Moon/asc., just based on casual clues. In her honor, this is a recipe, modified from some other source, I think, and it’s still a work in progress. But it is “paleo diet” fodder. Of sorts.

One cup walnuts
One cup pecan bits
One cup whole of slivered almonds
One cup of whole almonds
One teaspoon cocoanut oil (grease)
One cup raw honey
One half cup pure maple syrup
One cup unsweetened cocoanut pieces
One cup organic, unsweetened raisins
One half tablespoon cinnamon
Secret ingredient: dash of Mexican Vanilla

Combine everything but the raisins on a cooking pan, grease with the cocoanut oil. Or mix it in bowl, but I just poured the mess out on a deep-sided cooking sheet, pan thing. Stir well, coating everything all the parts with the honey/syrup mess.

Bake at two-seventy-five for about twenty minutes. Pull it out, stir, and bake again for another twenty minutes, at least. Last batch, I cooked for an hour. It’s fun to see the stuff bubbling while some of the sugars caramelized.

Pull it out and mix in the raisins. Let cool.

Depending on purity of ingredients? Can be tasty and a good source of quality fats and energy.

Still working on it, but that last batch was freaking awesome.