Hurricane Preparations

In a closet, on one corner of a shelf, there’s my hurricane emergency kit. I lived in Austin too long. Never had a real need for a hurricane kit. I heard stories, “Back in the day, Carla (Bertha, Betty, etc.) churned up the old Air Force terminal like the planes were wooden models,” but I don’t recall any of that.

I’ve recorded hurricane observations before, from various coastal locations, Port O’Conner and Rockport, but I never sat one out. I did stand on the side of the river in Austin, one fateful spring eve when the winds whipped up to 70 MPH, and I decided that was close as I wanted to get to a hurricane.

What goes in a typical hurricane kit — South Texas style? I would hazard a guess that a California earthquake kit would be similar.

Bottled water
Granola bars
Slims Jim’s
Beef Jerky
Duck tape
Rounds of ammo
Flashlights, batteries
Supply of drugs, medicinal and recreational
A certain variety of adult beverages, flavors to be determined by taste, but in South Texas? Tequila and beer. Just a guess.

The thought that a super-cell hurricane might hit the east coast?

Are y’all prepared? Properly?